Did You Know? Steelwork Corrosion…

Did you know, there are typically three primary stages of steelwork corrosion?
1. Surface corrosion – surface ‘rust’, paint marked and/or missing
2. Lamination – loss in sectional thickness
3. Perforation – loss in sectional area
Whilst surface corrosion is not usually of immediate concern it can provide a visual indication that the protective coating steelwork is nearing the end of its design life and requires maintenance. If left untreated, surface corrosion can quickly lead to lamination, and later still perforation.
Expert advice should always be sought and whilst in-situ repairs can often revive a corroding structure, even if perforation is present, prevention is always the best way and a planned schedule of maintenance for all structures is recommended. 
Craddys regularly undertake structural inspections from sports stadia to external training towers for blue-light services, always working closely with clients to provide project specific maintenance schedules. These schedules work within the clients budgets and aim to offer regular, planned and cost effective maintenance solutions to avoid minor defects escalating into areas of major structural concern.
Key point; always maintain your steelwork!

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