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We have worked with many clients to help them realise their dream of building their own bespoke home. We have worked on projects ranging from the refurbishment of a former water tower to subterranean extensions. We work with clients to understand their uncompromising desires and we can deliver innovative, structural solutions which allow these requirements to be met.

We understand that if a client does not want a column in the corner of the kitchen which would detract from the ‘wow’ factor offered by their full height sliding corner doors, we need to come up with a structural scheme that will avoid that column.

Prince Rupert House, Bristol

1 & 2 bed student apartments located in Clifton.

Vince’s Water Tower

Modification to an existing concrete water tower to covert it into a stylish alternative residence.

Morris House, Surrey

Luxury apartments constructed using masonry construction with a piled foundation solution. The apartments include hidden rooftop courtyards.