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During April and May, 26 members of the Craddys team undertook a Spring Wellbeing challenge.  They each set themselves a fitness / wellbeing challenge relevant to their own personal goals and for the six weeks, we supported and encouraged each other to stick to and reach our targets. Some set a daily step challenge, some rode their bikes more or swam regularly. One person took up football, another wanted to be able to do the splits again (and were successful with this!) Some people gave up alcohol for six weeks and others gave up chocolate and junk food.

Out of the 26 who started the challenge, 19 completed the full six weeks, with just a few not managing due to injury or other commitments that cropped up as so often happens in life. Despite the setbacks for a few, every single person who participated reported a positive outcome from the challenge .

In general the challenge was a huge success, with Craddys donating gift card prizes to everyone who completed the whole six weeks to say a big well done. The best part was that everyone who participated said how great it had been to have encouragement from Craddys and from their fellow team members and how much more motivated they had felt to stick to their wellbeing goals. Everyone donated a participation fee too, meaning we raised £125 for Penny Brohn Cancer Care which is situated very close to our Bristol office.

The photos below show: the distance swam over the course of six weeks by Associate Lawrence Quigley; Graduate Engineer Leah Deverick taking part in a triathlon and finally; the Penny Brohn Centre in Ham Green. Really great work everyone!