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Dyson Mezzanine


Two adjoining manufacturing warehouses, ‘D3’ and ‘D4’, built in the 1960’s and 1990’s respectively were converted into research and development office space with supporting café area for 600 people. Modification of the existing portal frame structures facilitated the installation of a new mezzanine floor, and allowed for a complete overhaul in the buildings roofing and cladding. Other key design features included introducing a fully glazed South elevation, a double height central atrium with large glazed roof light, and a feature walkway bridge linking the two sides of mezzanine floor below the atrium.


Re-use, a key word in sustainable construction. The ability to re-use the majority of the existing structure not only saved the client money, but also negated the need for new materials and energy spent on construction. Through the clever use of design codes Craddys were able to increase the insulation on the roof and replace the wall cladding systems to suit the latest building regulations, with limited modifications to the structural frame. The existing portal columns were used to support the new mezzanine steelwork, and a sustainably sourced engineered timber ‘CLT’ (cross-laminated timber) was used for the floor slab.

Dyson Construction


Craddys carried out extensive investigation works to determine the size and capacity of the originally unknown foundations. The regime of intrusive investigations were carried out alongside the design phase of the project, and working within the strict limitations of a fully operational warehouse Craddys were still able to increase the loading onto the original foundations. This avoided the need for slab removal and deep excavations on-site, and saved a significant amount of time and money for our client.

Dyson Foundation


Craddys are happy to accommodate even the most challenging of clients demands, including designing bespoke walkway bridge beams from first principals. The 22m long feature walkway bridge was designed to complement the surrounding cellular beams for the mezzanine, whilst the curved bottom flange reduced the visual impact on the open space.

Dyson Bridge